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Lori Zeltwanger, PT is a licensed physical therapist, best selling author, and owner of Advanced Release Therapy in Sedona, AZ, specializing in pain release and women’s health.  Lori has mastered the ability to assess and listen to your body’s needs during each treatment. She gently and gracefully facilitates the letting go of physical, emotional and energetic restrictions that you no longer need and nurtures the emergence of your potential.  

Lori earned her Physical Therapy degree from Purdue and Indiana Universities and completed manual therapy studies in the Netherlands. She has participated in extensive continuing education training.  She has been a leader in Myofascial Release for over 20 years, training therapists internationally and treating thousands of patients in chronic pain and is considered to be one of the leading myofascial release therapists in the world facilitating healthy change in many lives.  

She masterfully applies her therapeutic art facilitating thousands of individuals on their path to pain release and greater well being through her divinely designed Pelvis Wellness Retreats and individualized Myofascial Intensive treatment programs.  

She is a best selling author contributing to the book Answering the Call, with her expertise on Pelvis Wellness.

Lori is the founder of Z-way Trainings inspiring therapists who want to make a difference in people’s lives be able to do just that in a deeply connected way.

She has created and taught internationally a range of seminars which has instructed thousands of professional therapists on their path to becoming compassionate and empowered practitioners in their fields of expertise.

Lori Zeltwanger, PT

Lori Zeltwanger – PT

In her Z-way training programs, Lori is Creating Masters of Myofascial Release guiding therapists to develop competence and confidence in their own skills.  Her teachings flow from a feminine perspective as she offers training programs in a whole different way.  She refines therapist’s skill levels by focusing on their individual strengths, helping them discover their own unique essence all while taking care of themselves as they work, so they can have long lasting careers. 

Z-way Trainings are not about doing it her way but instead she helps the therapist find their own way to enhance results and be the best they can be.  She conducts her live training programs in seminar settings around the world & in a lovely treatment setting in the spectacular healing environment of Sedona, AZ. 

Lori helped to establish Therapy on The Rocks & was the Director of the Western Myofascial Release Treatment Center for 8 yrs and Consultant & Instructor of the John F. Barnes’ Myofascial Release Seminars for 14 yrs and also co-creating and instructing the Myofascial Healing Seminars with John himself.  She is immensely grateful for the depth of insight and extensive training she received while working with John.  Her work honors the John F. Barnes’ principles of myofascial release in combination with principles from the Learning Love Institute as applied to hands on healing and pain release.  

Lori taught the myofascial release program at the Northern Arizona Massage Therapy Institute in Sedona and the Live Without Pain program at Los Abrigados resort & spa.

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William Shattner’s Moving America Forward

Lori was Interviewed by Doug Llewelyn on William Shattner’s “Moving America Forward”.

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Lori Zeltwanger is interviewed on Moving America Forward with Doug Llewelyn