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View of Thunder Mountain from Retreat Space

View of Thunder Mountain from Retreat Space


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Joy Drummond of Washington state

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“I believed my pain would be with me all of my life and I am now free of pain, moving in ways I couldn’t even imagine. I want everyone to know that you too, can be free of pain.”  ~ Joy Drummond



Amy from New York



Check out Emily Tourville and her personal testimonial of how Lori Zeltwanger has helped “in getting her life back”

Emily Tourville a Client of Lori Zeltwanger

Emily Tourville a Client of Lori Zeltwanger

Emily Tourville Flying on the Rings

Emily Tourville Flying on the Rings

Emily Tourville Jumping from the Top of the Rock Wall

Emily Tourville Jumping from the Top of the Rock Wall













Emily Tourville
Emily Tourville Phoenix, AZ
“About five years ago, I was diagnosed with a chronic illness called Pseudotumor Cerebri.  Virtually bed-bound, I was unable to walk even a short distance without feeling like bullets were penetrating my brain with every step that I took.  After an intensive program with Lori, many of my symptoms – including a weakened immune system, seizures, migraines, a 24/7 headache, muscle/joint pain and weakness, vertigo, and even vision and hearing loss – have markedly improved, or have even vanished completely. Today I am flying on rings & less than 1 year ago I could hardly get out of bed. It’s a miracle! A thank you can not even begin to express how grateful I feel towards Lori and her specialized practice in Myofacial Release Therapy!  I am getting my life back!
Katie Derksen Tourville
“Miracle in Motion! Almost 5 years ago, Emily contracted an illness that, along with a great deal of pain, pretty much put her out of commission and kept her virtually bed-bound for about 3 of those years. She went from being very active and athletic to using a wheelchair, walker, and cane. Thanks to prayer & the healing hands of Lori Zeltwanger at Advanced Release Therapy, Emily is finally coming out on the “other side” and making incredible progress.  Welcome back to the world, Emily…you are living proof that miracles do happen, and I am so incredibly proud of you for fighting so hard!
“I had been struggling with pain in my neck for 15 years following a MVA.  Nothing seemed to help & I figured nothing could help and that I had to live with it the rest of my life. 1 session with Lori and it was gone and has not returned.  That was 5 yrs ago.”  LD
Robert Cohen Sedona, AZ

My work with Lori has been an enlightening and gratifying journey. Unlike conventional journeys I did not know what my eventual destination would be. When I began working with Lori I knew that I had considerable discomfort and pain, mostly emotional, but did not know the precise source of these disturbing feelings. I had done some similar work previously so I understood that some of my discomfort stemmed from energy trapped in my body and past pain that had not been allowed to heal. Through Lori’s skillful guidance and support I was able to pinpoint more precisely what I was feeling, where these emotions came from, and what I needed to do to heal and reconnect with the here and now so I could move forward with my life.

There are many helpful therapeutic and healing processes. What I liked about working with Lori is how she integrates the physical aspects of pain, discomfort and energy flow with a sound conceptual framework for understanding and dealing with trauma. She is at once assertive and gentle, empirical and intuitive, analytic and empathic, willing to offer her personal observations but steadfast about insisting that the client is in charge of what he or she wants to do in the session as well as with his/her life. For me, Lori created a safe and unconditionally accepting space that allowed me to find the courage to deal with some scary feelings and experiences, and the confidence to believe it was in my best interest to engage in this sometimes painful healing process.

“Lori I just wanted 2 tell you how truly Blessed my mom, sisters & myself feel to have had you come into our lives! You are truly an amazing woman & a gift from God.  I truly truly appreciate your kindness & generosity.  Thank you for all you have done for us & we look very forward to seeing you again soon!” JM
“I fell off a chair and landed on my side.  After 2 weeks where I was getting worse I had a 1.5 hr treatment by Lori and was 75% better.  After 3 more follow up sessions I was better than before my fall.”  BP
“I have been all over the world for care of my neck and back pain. The results I received from my retreat program with Lori at ART have been the most beneficial for me.”
“Lori is a genius. I have had a severely sore shoulder for about three years. I tried a variety of ways to make it better but nothing worked. The soreness and pain greatly affected my tennis and kept me awake at night. In the course of about five visits, Lori worked everything out, and now I am almost as good as new (come on, I’m 68!). I am now able to play tennis without pain. I would and am recommending Lori to anyone who needs physical therapy. She is an expert! And a quality inspirational & fun person.”  
“MFR therapy has been very beneficial to me for relief from my headaches, fibromyalgia and adhesions from surgery. Lori has a special gift of helping the patient release their pain. Her strong intuitive skills took me to another level of healing.”
“Treatment with Lori is like a moving meditation for me. I had such wonderful results from the Pain Release Retreat that I return every year for a Health Enhancement Retreat. It rejuvenates me and my life just works better for me.”
   “I have been getting therapy at home every other week for the past 2 years as it is the only thing that helps with my fibromylagia pain.  I was on vacation in Sedona & my therapist thought it would be good for me to see Lori.  I thought I was ‘splurging’ by coming to see her but she touched me in places I had never been touched and I feel like I had 2 months worth of therapy in that 1 visit.  She really got to some places that were holding me down.  I am so grateful my therapist recommended this.”


“I just wanted to THANK YOU again for working on me while I was in Sedona 2 weeks ago. While the immediate effects of your work resulted in my feeling better, my being better centered, and my regaining my “self,” the long term effects have also been just as beneficial. I feel that treating my patients back home have been easier, they’ve been more effective, and they’ve been more profound. I look forward to seeing you again soon…this time I’ll make sure that my fiance sees you, too :-).”   


“I can’t believe I am going to say this but I feel so much better from these treatments that I would rather have a session with you than play a round of golf.”   


  “I have reached more of my sparkles of excellence in these past few days of this pain release retreat program than all of my past years of therapy put together.  Profound!” 


“I had only a few treatments in Lori’s care and I noticed a huge difference in my ability to move. I had problems moving one hip and after treatment I could do things that I had not been able to do for ten years previously. Furthermore, with the techniques she taught me, I was able to further enhance my progress at home on my own. The whole experience was positive for me and I feel a thousand times better than prior to my treatments. It has helped my whole relationship with my family and I feel much more positive.”   


 “I can’t believe how much I just went through. I have transformed so much in such a short time. I feel so much lighter and more stable. I feel like myself again and I now feel grateful for all I have been through.”  


“Thank you, Lori, for your knowledge and ability to feel and listen to my body’s needs, know what release pressures are needed, and where to apply them to help me feel more comfortable in my body. I have had 4 heart attacks and now have a Pacemaker/Defibrillator implanted under my left chest skin. You have helped my body make room for it and for me to accept it with love using your myofascial release physical therapy. The Pacemaker/Defibrillator is more comfortable to have under my skin. I have full freedom of arm movement now with less restrictions and tension. I am thankful for your intuitive skills. My leg feels better than it has in 26 years since I had the artery removed. My hearing has also improved. I intentionally left my hearing aid out this morning and could hear the oatmeal boiling and my wife’s instructions without asking her to repeat them. All in all I feel a renewed desire to live. Prior to these treatments I was preparing for my death.”   


 “I had the privilege of being treated by Lori this past March. She had come highly recommended by a friend and colleague, plus I had heard many great things about her over the years. This past year had been a difficult one for me. I was suddenly diagnosed w ith Thyroid disease and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. In addition, I suffered from TMJ, neck pain and muscular pain throughout. As a result, I decided to leave NY and fly into Arizona to finally meet with Lori. Lori is an extremely gifted and talented therapist. With her magical touch and strong intuition, she was able to diminish my pain and symptoms. During my treatment with Lori, she was extremely compassionate and present throughout the entire session. She never tuned out and gave me her undivided attention. I left each session feeling satisfied and relaxed. After my treatments were completed, my spine and pelvis were more balanced and aligned than ever before. I had been to dozens of therapists/healers and I never saw such a dramatic result. In the words of my friend, “Lori is one of the best of the Best”. She is worth flying in for!!!”  


“Lori’s exquisitely developed listening skills guided me to a place inside that I had never before experienced and allowed me to view myself in a more loving way. I am so grateful for the treatments.”   


 “Meeting and working with you, Lori, was one of the highlights of Sedona for me. Hope we can keep in touch until we return next year for a follow up pain release retreat. Thank you!”  


“Treatment with Lori helped me to release long held pain and limiting belief patterns. I am now living vibrantly with greater ease and grace.”   


 “I did not think that my shoulder was going to significantly improve even following your therapy. I had a one hour session with you and I had explained that my right shoulder was bothering me a lot. I couldn’t even pick up any weight with my right arm. This condition had been bothering me for about 2 years now. I thought that it was a pain from previous years of abuse (weights, hitting a bag, old age, etc.) and that I was going to have to live with it the rest of my life. I had the one hour session with you and you stretched my right arm in a certain position (overhead and at an angle) for about 2 minutes and while it didn’t hurt, I thought I was going to pass out. Over the next several days, I was not even sure of any improvement because I was so focused on work because we had to do a big conference as soon as I got back. But when things settled down, I began reflecting on your therapy and thought, well maybe you knew what you were doing, so I continued to stretch my arm in the approximate same position as you did during the therapy. Within a week, my shoulder had significantly improved. Within a month, my shoulder was completely healed. I can lift weights, throw football with my kids and many other things without any pain. The quality of life has improved greatly for me.”  


“I had been to many different health practitioners for this pinching pain in my hip and even had surgery to correct the problem.  The surgery didn’t change a thing.  Everyone had their opinions but nothing shifted the pain.  I was getting worse and didn’t know what to do.  I just wanted someone to fix it.  Lori gave me such interesting insight on how this pain wanted to get my attention about other things going on in my life.  I felt empowered to heal more than my hip.”   


“I saw Lori for 2.5 hrs after previous intensives elsewhere that did not shift my pain.  I got more insight out of those 2.5 hrs than my other previous 3 wks of intensive treatment.  While I feel like the intensives had value, certainly not $20,000 worth of value.  I feel I wasted a lot of my money prior to seeing Lori.”