Clinical Skills Intensive (CSI)

Your fastest track to Myofascial Mastery

Be treated while you learn to treat others

Unravel the pain mystery for yourself and others


Through Lori’s Clincial Skills Intensive (CSI) programs, learn to follow the clues & crack the pain code through crime scene investigation (csi) of traumas that have gone undercover in your body and others’ bodies.

The best way to expand your skills as a therapist

is to receive treatment from master level therapists

& feel what’s happening from the inside.  

Clinical Skill Intensive training

The Clinical Skills Intensive program, (CSI) is a fabulous program for the therapist who has already begun their myofascial training to deepen & refine their professional skills by working alongside Lori & her team in a treatment setting while also receiving treatment.  We crack the code of your pain mystery through our crime scene investigations (assessment tools) by exploring your signs and symptoms as expressed through your body and those of your fellow participants.  

Lori is a superb guide in developing your own expertise with Myofascial Release.  You will all learn from each other in this life enhancing, intimate and safe environment.  No other program exists like this one.  This program provides a tax deductible, personalized hands on education by hearing how Lori makes decisions while she treats, what she feels under her hands and feel her hands on yours providing specific, in the moment guidance so that you develop confidence in becoming a powerful, master level therapist.  Receive hands on training during a treatment session all while enhancing your own health & well being as you receive powerful treatment for yourself from multiple therapists at the same time.  Take the journey and become your own masterpiece, both personally and professionally!!  You will heal and feel so much better in your own body while your skills dramatically improve.  Treatments become so much easier to give and receive.  Become Masterful!!  It’s a great feeling! 

          The fast track program to becoming a                  Myofascial Master

  • Gain confidence
  • Feel competent as a myofascial therapist
  • Get your questions addressed in a very personal environment
  • Deepen your centered state & feel inner calm
  • Enhance your subtle perceptiveness to achieve greater results
  • Learn how to work with greater ease
  • Receive treatment for yourself & get rid of your own pain
  • Feel great within your own body
  • Have fun within a tax deductible environment!

There are openings for only 4-8 participants each week of this program.      

Email Lori to set up dates for yourself or a group.  Dates currently confirmed below.

Where: Usually in Sedona, AZ in our lovely treatment casita under the direct influence of the powerful yet gentle energy of Thunder Mountain.  Occasionally in other parts of the world.

When:  Jan 11-14, 2019 (4 days, Fri – Mon) in San Luis Obispo, CA

If you have another date in mind, check with us to arrange it.


  • 1 hour of treatment each day with multiple hands for maximum effect
  • 30 min 1 on 1 private technique review sessions
  • Technique Refinement workshops
  • Powerful group Unwinding (1 out in a Red Rock vortex when in Sedona)
  • Guided personal time for your inner development catered for you
  • Centering Development
  • Intuition Enhancement
  • Supervision with specific feedback on how to enhance your skills
  • Guidance while developing your independence to integrate your enhanced & expanded skills
  • Powerful Healing 7 generations back and 7 generations forward
  • Question & answer discussion time

Rates: For a 5 day program = Regularly $2995.


Clinical Skill Intensive training

CSI – on the road!

Yes You can sponsor Lori and have her come to you.

When: Email to inquire when you want it & to begin the arrangements

Where: To be determined by YOU

Rate for CSI – on the road; Regular rate of $2995.  (Only $1995 if you are the host & organize it – need minimum of 4 participants.)

Enhance Your Personal & Professional Life all @ once!

Call Lori (928-821-3749) or

email Lori Zeltwanger PT


BONUS: Additional $50 discount towards any ART seminar

A combination special taking your skill level to THE next level! 

Testimonials for Clinical Skills Training

“I learned more in the 1st day of this CSI than all of my previous MFR seminars combined.  This 1st day was worth the price alone.”

“This CSI program truly rocks!!  I learned so much and had such amazing treatments.  It was truly more than I anticipated!  You are gifted in lovingly assisting us to feel deeper in the body, developing our belief in our own gifts and giving us the confidence to reach more of our own potential.  I am grateful and my clients will be too.”

“Your words and instruction at my Clinical training almost 10 yrs ago are still with me today and I thank you for that.  In particular was feedback during leg pulls and occipital condyle releases, and your encouragement to “Be the Spider” still reminds me today of the unity consciousness I started to feel then and absorb more since that point in time.”  MZ

“I’m truly interested in being able to learn from you.  My session with you in Sedona has left more of an impression on and with me than any of the bodywork that I’ve learned or received since becoming an LMT 8+ years ago. Thank you!!!”

“I think about working with you so much.  Almost daily as I treat patients; I hear your voice as you treated me and I see the images and replay the scenarios and your words are now going out of me for other people!  And as I drive or stand I become aware of my cervical vertebrae and remember you guiding me to push it ‘back’ and it just goes or is already there.  I’m so excited to be planning on taking your seminars and have other people interested too.

Most of all, I wanted to report to you that my daughter’s level of pain has dramatically decreased.   According to the D.O. she sees, she has gained 1 1/2 inches in height.  And she feels and understands why and takes it back to  her Lori treatments.  She said she hears your voice guiding her while treating herself.  My son too, recalls the images you guided him to create and continues to hold the new patterns.

I really want to continue to learn from you.  Being allowed to watch and listen as you treat was such a learning and treating alongside of you gave me a deeper sense of feeling this work.   You truly are the best of the best in this work and I greatly admire you.”

“I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed treating with you.  You have such an inspiring and intuitive way of being and I always learn so much and feel the connection when we treat together.”

  “Your words and instruction with my training program almost 10 years ago are still with me today, and I thank you for that. One thing was feedback during leg pulls and occipital condyle releases that still reminds me today of the unity consciousness I started to feel and absorb more since that point in time.”
“This was the program I have learned the most from over ALL of my training programs ever!  Lori’s work is so effective and actually quite easy to do.  Working with her is the most inspiring I have ever experienced as a therapist!”