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Lori Z‘s-way of teaching is NOT about doing it her way but IS about finding YOUR way to the best results possible by discovering your own strengths and building upon your challenges.

Whether you are a beginner or have taken all of the MFR seminars more than once, know the lectures and ask yourself, “how can I continue to enhance my results?” or anywhere in between,

then these seminars are for you.

If you are ready to discover your own strengths & unique essence in applying this approach, 

then these seminars are for you.  

If you feel you could move into greater ease while you work, using much less effort with enhanced results,

then these seminars are for you.  

If you are looking for a safe and supportive place to both take your skills to the next level AND receive some much needed treatment for yourself,

then these seminars are for you.

If you need CEUs and don’t want to waste your time & money on things that don’t serve you

then these seminars are for you.

This is the profound, yet easy on you, approach to Myofascial Release.

These seminars are for therapists wanting to:

  • learn Myofascial Release techniques
  • expand your hands on skills to facilitate effective change for your patients & clients
  • up level your personal & professional development  
  • Build confidence & competence
  • Become an expert and strengthen your impact in your area
  • Free your own self of pain & burn out
  • Rejuvenate your passion for helping others heal by helping yourself heal
  • Earn CEUs while providing value to your time & life
  • find support within your Myofascial Release healing community
These seminars are effective if:
  • you are just starting on your MFR journey,
  • have taken numerous other MFR seminars & want to refine & up level your skills 
  • understand MFR & want a fresh perspective combining the body, mind & spirit
  • you have only been treated and want to enhance your perspective of your own healing process


Z-way Trainings signature method 

My Z-way signature training method emphasizes the feminine perspective of Myofascial Release, which focuses on helping each therapist discover their own unique essence during treatment, rather than on doing things my way.  In this method, we help develop our ability to listen to the healing wisdom in each body and how to engage them to bring that forth AND how to take care of our own body’s while we are helping others – so that we end our day energized rather than needing hours of self treatment.


***This next generation of training is learning to balance the right & left brain and the enhanced perspective of the masculine & feminine blended together to allow for effortless flow & heightened results.  In addition we bring awareness to the messages the body is providing us about our life’s direction by expanding our focus to include the connection of the body, mind & spirit.***


The Myofascial Mastery Academy hosts both online and live seminars and retreats for both the healthcare practitioner and for the patient and seeker of greater wellness for their own body and ultimately to live an all around healthier and more fulfilled life.


Lori Zeltwanger, PT

~~~~ Also Known Simply as Lori Z. ~~~

All of the Myofascial Mastery Academy seminars blends Lori’s signature Z-way approach with the John F. Barnes’ foundational approach of Myofascial Release, while flowing from a feminine perspective.  The feminine perspective still needs and honors the masculine structural, doing and initiating aspects yet emphasizes the receiving, allowing, supporting and connecting aspects of this amazing work and blends them together in a harmonious manner creating deeper effectiveness and results achieved with greater ease.  It combines the need to let go of stuff stuck and buried in our bodies as well as receive and settle back in our own energy & natural essence that may have been shocked out of us from trauma.  The combination resets the nervous system and allows for enhanced organization and alignment.


These seminars are not a repeat of material found in John’s seminars and are designed to blend beautifully with his approach. They take the next step in myofascial development providing fresh information & techniques and applying new creative insights to evaluating and treating the connective tissue within the awareness of the body-mind-spirit complex. The focus is on truly connecting with both the physical and energetic tissues and while including all aspects of MFR it emphasizes the supportive & allowing aspects of treating the fascial system in helping to heal pain resulting from those restricted tissues.  


What You Get at the Seminars

By participating in Myofascial Mastery Academy’s seminars, you will realize that MFR is not about applying a cut and dried technique. On the contrary, while it is always based on scientific principles, it is also part inspiration and part therapeutic art form, engaging our intuitive side. On the basis of the solid MFR techniques that have proven their effectiveness, she teaches how to approach each therapeutic situation from a fresh perspective according to the individual needs of the patient, so that the work can unfold in unique, inspiring and productive ways and leaving you, the therapist, in a better state for having given the treatment.
The essence of all of Lori’s signature style Z-way Approach is to help you find YOUR therapeutic essence so that you end your work day feeling more refreshed than when you started.  You will leave each training experience feeling more confident in your gifts & abilities to help others, more competent with the expanded skills to treat more effectively and an enhanced ability to tune in & listen to what the body truly needs.


“Lori is so gifted at tuning in to just what I need to expand my skills, which was very different from what my friends needed, at the different trainings I have attended.  She guided us in such a way that I felt very cared for.  I haven’t had such personal attention at other seminars.”


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A Retreat for All who want body, mind & spirit healing

Myofascial Immersion

A place for YOU to heal!  This is for ALL of you who want to clear out what is no longer serving you and bring in your heart’s desires this year!

Two invaluable retreat choices to finish out the year stronger and to start next year off powerfully!!

Sept 21-24, 2017 in Boone, NC @ The Art of Living retreat center

Jan 15-19, 2018 in Santa Barbara, CA @ La Casa de Maria

Take time for the greatest asset you have – YOU!


For ALL: for you the therapist and your patients, clients, friends & family – all who want to learn to access the wisdom within their own body and heal body/mind/spirit on the deepest levels.  Using the Myofascial system as a handle to heal your own personal universe, this is a place for you to learn more about the pain you feel in your body and receive healing from it.

We will combine MFR with self awareness exercises including Fascial Yoga, Fascial Breathwork, Energetic Awareness Exercises, Meditation & Mind/Body Education.

A Place of Peace… Experience Presence to heal & grow …And Renew Purpose

A Place of Pure Splendor to Discover Your Pure Essence


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Training Seminars for Health Professionals


The Next Dimension

Be sure to check out the Next Dimension in Myofascial Training with my new enhanced & expanded retreat format combining Fascial Connections & Myofascial Dialoguing together.

Next Dimension MFREach venue will offer an inspiring setting with its own subtly unique energy so that you can have the complete transformational experience.   If you are ready for a true alternative, an upgrade in your practice, your own profound personal healing, or recognize there’s always something more to be learned and mastered…then choose the venue that speaks to you and plan to join us!

Price savings $995 + additional bonus day for 40 CEUs

Go to the Seminar Schedule page to choose your venues


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Fascial Connections 

In this 2 day seminar, Lori lays the foundation for this first trilogy of seminars as well as more advanced ones that will go beyond the scope of this first series.


Participants will learn to evaluate postural alignment and tissue texture from a myofascial perspective, find and connect with fascial restrictions, feel barriers and apply proper pressure to achieve tissue release. The focus is directed both at learning the technique of MFR and also on how to apply this technique for maximum effectiveness.  The basic principles & technique of Myofascial Release will be reviewed.


Advanced treatment techniques are taught with focus on the rotational component and fascial energy activation, which is a powerful technique that aids in releasing stubborn restrictions and encourages the patient to engage in treatment.  This class truly makes it easier on the therapist’s body while enhancing effectiveness.  We go deep into the wisdom in YOUR body so that you receive meaningful treatment yourself while learning and we have some fun doing it too.


For both beginner & advanced myofascial therapists, (yes, even those who have been doing it for 20 yrs)

$595 for 15 CEUs


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Balancing the Pelvis

Balancing the pelvis is the cornerstone of the Myofascial Release Approach.


In this 2 day seminar participants will learn to evaluate the presence of pelvic imbalances with an eclectic approach of established techniques. Next we will learn how to bring the pelvis back into balanced alignment through advanced fascial release techniques, muscle energy and core strengthening exercises.


This class emphasizes problem solving through assessment & treatment and movement exercises focused on functional outcomes. It also lets you get inside the mind and intuition of Lori to see how she does what she does to facilitate deep profound healing using myofascial release in an easy way.   It provides very practical and immediately usable learning so that you can easily get the results your patients/clients are seeking.


For both beginner & advanced myofascial therapists, (yes, even those who have been doing it for 20 years).

$595 for 15 CEUs

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Myofascial Dialoguing – Embracing the Restrictions 

In this 2 day seminar we will focus on truly listening to the needs of the tissue which takes us to the core of how to release unconscious holding patterns within our body-mind complex. We will learn myofascial dialoguing key phrases but more so how to apply the 3 Ws; which to use, when to use it & what else to say to make a powerful difference in treatment.  We will also learn movement exercises and unwinding techniques and how to connect the energetic alignment with the tissue/postural alignment. Interpretive body reading skills to find core issues both on and off the body will be developed. This class is all about learning to be present during treatment and will serve you in all aspects of life.

$595 for 15 CEUs

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Clinical Skills Intensive (CSI)

The Clinical Skills Intensive program, (CSI) is a unique program for the therapist who has already begun their myofascial training, to deepen & refine their professional skills, by working alongside Lori & her team in a treatment setting. This allows you to experience how the techniques you learn in a seminar translate to an actual powerful treatment session. The best part of this program is that you receive treatment for yourself as well every day. This way you are learning from both perspectives as the therapist and the patient in a treatment setting atmosphere and will get lots of personal hands on attention as well as time to ask whatever questions you have to further take care of yourself & develop your skills.

Get your tax deductible training & 40 CEUs all while receiving treatment for yourself.
Click here for more information about the CSI Program
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Live Seminars Group Instruction

Women’s Health Seminars

Women teaching & helping empower women.  

Internal Pelvis Release

A myofascial release woman’s health seminar taught by a woman!!


For those of you that are curious about internal pelvis release work but aren’t sure you want to invest too much time & energy on it yet, this 1 day seminar is an introduction for you.  It’s focus is how to provide Myofascial Release treatment to the inside of the pelvis.  


In this 1 day hands-IN workshop, we will learn how to apply Myofascial Release principles to the inside of the pelvic bowl.  This can be taken on it’s own as an introduction to this powerful form of bodywork and is also important to take with the Pelvic Floor Exposed seminar to receive further MFR work done on yourself & practice on others.  We will cover techniques that we do not have time for in the PFE seminar, particularly C-section & episiotomy scar releases.


Cultivate the power to shift what’s happening on the inside— with the power of the Feminine – in a very safe & nurturing environment.It will enhance your awareness of how this sacred space resonates with the whole body.  

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Pelvic Floor Exposed

The All Inclusive Whole Body Approach to Solving Pelvic Floor Problems.  Expanded 4 day seminar taught by 2 leaders.


Lori has teamed up with pelvic floor expert, Jody Hendryx PT, in response to the strong requests to branch out further, expand these trainings and teach more in depth information with this important and growing topic of Pelvis Wellness.


More and more pelvic floor seminars are popping up and are generally limited in their scope covering only part of the problem.  This seminar will cross over into multiple approaches to provide the practitioner with a comprehensive understanding of the range of treatment available for Pelvis Wellness.


This seminar is a powerful experience that provides a very different understanding on this subject than any thing taught thus far.  Our goal is to EXPOSE many of the myths that currently exist on this topic.  For example, doing more kegels is NOT necessarily the solution to all incontinence and prolapse issues and certainly not the only thing to address.


This class will be a blend of scientific, didactic information on pelvic floor anatomy, function, proper breath patterns and energy anatomy blended with the therapeutic art of hands on evaluation & treatment labs.  The combined paradigms provide a strong knowledge & skill set that will leave you confident to provide an effective treatment plan which will make a lasting difference for your patients.  This includes pelvic floor palpation, Myofascial Release treatment and successful home programs as well as transformative exercises experienced out in Sedona’s spectacular red rock healing vortex.  Most importantly, this goes beyond the narrow focus of only assessing the pelvic floor and will teach you how to look at the whole body and how it is affected by and affects what is occurring in the pelvic floor tissues.  The pelvic floor has a strong influence in most all health problems.


Are you frustrated with limited results?


Click the image to:
Download the Pelvic Floor Exposed Flyer

And see further down the page for more info.


Lori & Jody have over 50 years experience guiding women in finding solutions to overcoming chronic and difficult situations concerning pelvic floor dysfunction.  They have been supporting & promoting women’s health & wellness in a nurturing, conscious and empowering way.


Our intention is to safely & respectfully guide you into a personally transformative experience exploring the impact of the pelvic floor on your whole body that will create a personal and professional paradigm shift.  As a result of this education, we also intend for you to leave with confidence in helping women all over the world experience their own transformation.



  1. Learn anatomy and function of the pelvic floor structure.
  2. Understand conditions that effect pelvic floor function.
  3. Develop and improve your manual palpation skills of the pelvic floor and surrounding structures.
  4. Learn integrative exercises to improve function.
  5. Integrate Energy Medicine into your treatment approach of the pelvis.
  6. Understand the importance of the whole body approach when treating the pelvis.
  7. Understand the importance and influences of proper breathing on the pelvis.
  8. Understand and integrate physical / emotional and spiritual influences on pelvic floor function.
  9. Become proficient in developing and implementing an effective treatment plan utilizing the All Inclusive Approach.
  10. Become proficient in manual skills to treat pelvic floor restrictions and other related areas in the body.

25 contact hours provided

This course content is for educational purposes only and each participant is responsible for using it within their own scope of their licensure regulations.  Knowledge presented in this course will certainly assist you on a personal level as well as deepen your professional expertise in education & treatment of any dysfunction with any patient.

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And now Brand New:  Pelvic Floor for ME 
Click to Download Flyer for Pelvic Floor for ME April 2018

Now all women can join us part time during this seminar to apply this knowledge to their own pelvic pain & problems and find the solutions for themselves.  We have added this section based on feedback from past participants that felt “EVERY WOMAN would benefit from this powerful experience.”  Now, more than ever, we need to reclaim our pelvic power in a safe and supportive environment!!!!  Women truly supporting women!

Time to stop putting everyone and everything else 1st and take care of YOU … & in so doing, you can better take care of others & will make the world a better place.

(This part time portion is a non credentialing course track) for only $395.  This is not for the practitioner and no certificate or certification will be given for this part.  This is for you to learn about and experience the restrictions in your own pelvis and explore greater depths about how to help unravel them and restore the nervous system’s organization and alignment of this sacred space which has a profound effect on your whole body.  All problems we are struggling with have a connection to the pelvis.  This is for menstrual & menopausal symptoms, incontinence, sexual issues, bladder infections, fertility, fibroids, cysts, pre & post pregnancy, as well as low back & hip pain, digestion difficulties, even head aches & migraines. Often the problems you are suffering from have a simpler solution than we are led to believe.  

We welcome ALL women wanting to experience more of who they truly are into this retreat experience!

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The Source of Feminine Power is Within


How Lori Teaches


Lori believes that we learn how to apply this form of manual therapy best from the practitioner’s perspective by experiencing it within our own body and mind; therefore the focus will be on receiving the work during ample lab time.


The seminars provide enhanced results with greater ease on your body and lots of supportive lab time to fully integrate it.


All of Lori’s teachings are based in the foundational principles of John F. Barnes Myofascial Release approach while flowing from a feminine perspective.  She emphasizes how we need both masculine & feminine approach to be masters with Myofascial Release and shows how beginning with the feminine qualities that we all have (yes you too men) the treatment is more effective and easier on your body.  She teaches the various techniques by assisting the therapist to move into a space where we learn how to provide support and allow the releases to unfold naturally rather than try to fix the patient or client. The results are that we utilize much less effort and struggle, treat from a place of greater ease and end our work day feeling vibrant and refreshed.


Lori has over 20 years experience studying, treating and teaching Myofascial Release as well as many other therapeutic approaches. Her realization that integrating these approaches brought a deeper effectiveness to pain and stress release for herself and her patients led to the creation of this life enhancing, powerful trilogy of presentations called Z-way Trainings.


Her teaching style is vibrant and caring.  With a light sense of humor she gently and intuitively guides her students in developing their Myofascial Release skills. Her gift is in guiding each student in finding their own unique style and therapeutic power with this approach. She provides authentic personal interaction to produce the most effective results and ensures that everyone also has fun!


Getting a Treatment



As a professional Massage Therapist, this class gave me easy to implement techniques that I can integrate in my work with clients. It showed me how to solve client problems that I have noticed for years and couldn’t effectively treat until now. – A Haydon
Lori is a wonderful teacher. She knows how to find just the right approach to coach people into healing and being more in touch with themselves. I came to get my CEU’s for my license and I left with feeling like I took a love bath into every cell of my being. – D. Kuhlman
This class was very personable and fun – never intimidating and easy to learn from Lori’s “in-tune”ness with self which made it possible for me to learn more about myself, how to be in tune with myself and others, and how to work less so that I can actually work more. As a Personal Trainer knowing the indications helped me identify which techniques were most beneficial for my clients. –   A. Stoller
I feel so blessed to have been part of this seminar.  What an amazing experience!  Lori is such a gifted therapist and teacher and truly a lovely person.  It is so empowering as a patient to be taught techniques and tools to heal. I feel more present within my body and loved learning more about techniques that will benefit my healing.  It feels wonderful to become more connected to my own power.  I also learned more about how to potentially help others. – T. Jones
Best MFR class I have attended! I learned more of everything presented in this class than I learned in any other MFR classes previously. All labs were great! I benefitted from it all, especially with Lori’s guidance. – F. Roberts
I learned how to see the whole picture, tools for self-care and healing and that when I am comfortable as a therapist, I am effective. This was my 1st MFR seminar & I treated my husband who said I was “almost” 🙂 as good as Lori as I helped relieve his back pain. – F. Goff

This was sent from a student after attending the last seminar.

“So excited I gotta share. Have this 17 y/o female patient. She had a brain tumor at 8 yrs of age with 2 surgeries to remove the tumor. No follow up medical care since. Ataxic, tremor and neuro symptoms pervasive with left sided tightness of body. Just used the cervical Fascial Energy Activation technique with her today and wow!  Very nice trunk & cervical releases and pt reported “I feel much less shaky”. Her tremor reduced.” MP
“I now feel hopeful that I can work gentler to save my body and best serve my clients.” CP
“I see the fascial influence on bodies in a whole new way. The hands on support you gave me really helped me get the feel of this work.” BL
Love the spin on MFR you present.  Very effective teaching style.  The input you gave me during the seminar has taken me to a whole new level of breathing & feeling.”  BO
“Appreciated the depth of lab time, hands on time and your personal attention with the techniques.  We were given lots of time to digest the and learn the application of the techniques beyond the actual technique.”  MP
“I learned greater patience and openness.  I feel hopeful that I can work gentler to save my body and yet be more effective to best serve my clients.”  JB
“I’m truly interested in being able to learn from you.  My session with you in Sedona has left more of an impression on and with me than any of the bodywork that I’ve learned or received since becoming an LMT 8+ years ago. Thank you!!!” EG




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