Myofascial Release Seminar Schedule

“After working with Lori, it quickly became clear to me that this was a different style of MFR, more feminine & nurturing, which allowed me to sink in to stubborn restrictions in an easier, gentler way. I knew the moment she touched me that she knew what she was doing.”  Michael L. AZ

“Her wisdom & impact as the feminine authority of MFR has drastically enhanced the way I treat & my work flows with greater ease. It is apparent that her immersion with John F. Barnes PT for over a decade beautifully embodies the blend of both approaches.” Philip G. KS

“If John F. Barnes is the father of Myofascial Release, then I think of Lori as the Mother of Myofascial Release.”  Sandy L. PA

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Presents the Missing Link in your

Myofascial Release Training

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Clinical Skills Intensive (CSI)


Be treated while you learn to treat others


Nov 7-10, 2019 –  Andover MA


Feb 17-20, 2020 – Sedona, AZ


Any other dates/places may be arranged upon special request.  Looking to arrange a week in Sedona – email to suggest what works best for you


The best way to expand your skills as a therapist

is to receive treatment from master level therapists

& feel what’s happening from the inside. 


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Myofascial Immersion Retreat


A healing experience


  Jan 23-25, 2020

@ Be Well Yoga House

Austin, TX


Now is the time to walk through this doorway of opportunity!



A New Year’s retreat to start the year off powerfully!!


Clear out what is no longer serving you and bring in your heart’s desires this year by connecting with your body, mind & spirit!


 Take time for the greatest asset you have – YOU!


Who should attend?  

Anyone & everyone wanting to deepen their Myofascial healing journey and take their life to its next level – Therapists & your patients; friends and family


This is the Missing Link in your Myofascial Healing

2019-09-18 - Myofascial Immersion - Jan 23-25, 2020

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Fascial Connections


Rotational Restrictions & Fascial Energy Activation


Sept 26-27, 2020 – part of the Sedona Series, AZ


This seminar evaluates postural alignment and tissue texture from a myofascial perspective and teaches how to connect with fascial restrictions, feel barriers and apply proper pressure to achieve tissue release. The focus is directed at learning the basic technique of MFR, advanced rotational components and Fascial Energy Activation techniques.  These are powerful techniques which Lori created that aids in releasing stubborn restrictions and encourages the patient to engage in treatment.  This class truly makes it easier on the therapist’s body while enhancing effectiveness.  We go deep into the wisdom in YOUR body so that you receive meaningful treatment yourself while learning.  We have fun learning too!


Myofascial Dialoguing


Embracing the Restrictions


June 5-6, 2020 – Northern IN (Orland)


Sept 28-29, 2020 – part of the Sedona Series, AZ

Knowing how to listen to the needs of the tissue

takes Myofascial Release treatment into a

whole new dimension of healing!  

This is the Missing Link in your MFR education

This seminar fills in all the missing gaps of how to treat masterfully with MFR: dialoguing, listening to the tissues for effective application of MFR pressure and using appropriate language to assist any type of patient/client in feeling in to their body for maximum effectiveness.


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Balancing the Pelvis


The Keystone to MFR


Sept 30-Oct 1, 2020 – part of the Sedona Series, AZ

This seminar emphasizes problem solving through assessment, treatment and movement exercises focused on functional outcomes as we learn how to bring the pelvis back into balanced alignment through advanced fascial release techniques, muscle energy and core strengthening exercises.



The Sedona Series


Combination of seminars for a special package price

Sept 26 – Oct 1, 2020 – Sedona, AZ  for 40 CEUs

This NEXT DIMENSION training retreat is a combination of 3 of my original seminars all together in 1 week:  Fascial Connections, Myofascial Dialoguing & Balancing the Pelvis at special package pricing with additional bonus events for more of a retreat experience to help you reach your greatest potential!

Sept 26 & 27, 2020 = Fascial Connections 

Sept 28 & 29, 2020 = Myofascial Dialoguing

Sept 30-Oct 1, 2020 = Balancing the Pelvis


If you are interested in hosting in your area,

please contact