Myofascial Release Seminar Schedule

“After working with Lori, it quickly became clear to me that this was a different style of MFR, more feminine & nurturing, which allowed me to sink in to stubborn restrictions in an easier, gentler way. I knew the moment she touched me that she knew what she was doing.”  Michael L. AZ

“Her wisdom & impact as the feminine authority of MFR has drastically enhanced the way I treat & my work flows with greater ease. It is apparent that her immersion with John F. Barnes PT for over a decade beautifully embodies the blend of both approaches.” Philip G. KS

“If John F. Barnes is the father of Myofascial Release, then I think of Lori as the Mother of Myofascial Release.”  Sandy L. PA

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Myofascial Release Training

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Clinical Skills Intensive (CSI)


Be treated while you learn to treat others


Oct 1-5, 2018         Sedona, AZ


The best way to expand your skills as a therapist

is to receive treatment from master level therapists

& feel what’s happening from the inside. 

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Myofascial Dialoguing


Embracing the Restrictions


Nov 17-18, 2018         Denver, CO


Knowing how to listen to the needs of tissue

takes Myofascial Release treatment into a

whole new dimension of healing!

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