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“After working with Lori, it quickly became clear to me that this was a different style of MFR, more feminine & nurturing, which allowed me to sink in to stubborn restrictions in an easier, gentler way. I knew the moment she touched me that she knew what she was doing.”  Michael L. AZ

“Her wisdom & impact as the feminine authority of MFR has drastically enhanced the way I treat & my work flows with greater ease. It is apparent that her immersion with John F. Barnes PT for over a decade beautifully embodies the blend of both approaches.” Philip G. KS

“If John F. Barnes is the father of Myofascial Release, then I think of Lori as the Mother of Myofascial Release.”  Sandy L. PA

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Myofascial Release Training


Sept  6-9, 2018

@ The Art of Living Retreat Center in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Boone NC


MFR & Yoga – Yoga & MFR

A Dynamic Duo to heal pain and trauma


The purpose of this retreat is to utilize these 2 powerful approaches to heal pain & trauma within ourselves and others and provide support to move through pain and trauma to enhance our well being for happier, healthier lives!

Co-facilitated by Nick Manci – Yoga Instructor

Lori & Nick: A Dynamic Duo teaching the benefits of MFR & Yoga through a blending of the gentle, allowing feminine approach to find acceptance of your true nature and the structural, disciplined masculine approach to get you up and going and strengthen your resiliency so you can discover the union within of your own masculine/feminine balance.