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“After working with Lori, it quickly became clear to me that this was a different style of MFR, more feminine & nurturing, which allowed me to sink in to stubborn restrictions in an easier, gentler way. I knew the moment she touched me that she knew what she was doing.”  Michael L. AZ

“Her wisdom & impact as the feminine authority of MFR has drastically enhanced the way I treat & my work flows with greater ease. It is apparent that her immersion with John F. Barnes PT for over a decade beautifully embodies the blend of both approaches.” Philip G. KS

“If John F. Barnes is the father of Myofascial Release, then I think of Lori as the Mother of Myofascial Release.”  Sandy L. PA

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Myofascial Release Training



Pelvic Floor Seminar

with a Bonus Day option

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Apr 19-23, 2018 – Sedona, AZ

* Pelvic Floor Exposed (Apr 19-22; Thur – Sun)

* Internal Pelvis Release (Apr 23; Mon) Bonus day 

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Pelvic Floor Exposed

Apr 19-22, (Thur – Sun) 2018: Sedona, AZ

(nestled in the magnificent red rocks)

The All Inclusive, cutting edge Whole Body Approach to Solving Pelvic Floor Problems

Joining Lori Z, is Pelvic Floor Expert: Jody Hendryx PT

A powerful teaching duo from 2 of this topic’s leading experts

For Female Health care Providers

Total of 25 CEUs

Apr 19 Thur: 10-6 (lunch 1-230)
Apr 20 Fri: 9-5 (Hike 1/2 day: bring a packed lunch, water, sunscreen or hat)
Apr 21 Sat: 9-12 & 4-8 (Enjoy Sedona during the break: hike, shop, get treated by Jody or Lori)
Apr 22 Sun: 9-1:30

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Internal Pelvis Release – Bonus Day Optional Addition

Apr 23, (Mon) 2018: Sedona, AZ

(nestled in the magnificent red rocks)

A 1 day seminar focused only on MFR labs for pelvic restrictions (Hysterectomy, C-sections, episiotomy scars & internal pelvic scars)

In this 1 day hands-IN workshop, we will apply Myofascial Release to the inside of the pelvic bowl. This can be taken on it’s own as an introduction to this powerful form of bodywork and will take you deeper into the treatment aspect of MFR to the internal pelvis after the Pelvic Floor Exposed seminar if you have never had any previous MFR training or want some further MFR work done on yourself and practice with others. We will cover techniques that we do not have time for in the PFE seminar, particularly Hysterectomy, C-section & episiotomy scar releases as well as scar tissue internally in the pelvic bowl. Powerful treatment emerges during this day.

Cultivate the power to shift what’s happening on the inside— with the power of the Feminine – in a very safe & nurturing environment.

Apr 23, 2018 (9-4); 6 CEUs

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Clinical Skills Intensive

CSI Sedona Apr 24-28 (Tues – Sat)

Renew and expand your skills!

The fastest track to Myofascial Mastery, this is 1 of the most powerful trainings to enhance your skill and receive powerful transformative treatment for yourself.  You learn the most by receiving quality treatment and Lori is considered to be the best. Join a small group of therapists mentoring alongside Lori as she treats each therapist and explains what she see’s and feels as she guides each to connect with themselves, release fascial restrictions and find their own healing power.

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Trauma Release Retreat 

For all desiring healing from trauma 

Jun 8-10 in Sedona, AZ

Co facilitated with Sandra Rolus

Extra Deep Dive Bonus Day: Jun 11

Healing Sexual Trauma & Sexual De-armoring


 Pelvis Series in Alaska July 6-9

July 6 & 7: Balancing the Pelvis – all External balancing techniques

July 8 & 9: Internal Pelvis Release – all Internal balancing techniques


Mfr & Yoga – Yoga & MFR Sept 6-9

A Dynamic Duo to heal pain and trauma

Co-facilitated by Nick Manci – Yoga Instructor

Lori & Nick: A Dynamic Duo teaching the benefits of MFR & Yoga through a blending of masculine and feminine approaches to discover the union within of your own masculine/feminine balance

@ Art of Living Retreat Center in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Boone NC