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 A one of a kind treatment retreat that will help you heal your pelvis and




  • Do you have pelvic pain that no one seems to be able to understand or help?
  • Are you struggling from incontinence & tired of the pads & too many trips to the bathroom?
  • Worried about not doing anything too far from the bathroom & tired of the limited life that causes?
  • Is your digestion a mess?  Too constipated or too irritated?
  • Struggling with menstrual cramping & complications or infertility?
  • Would you like to feel your mojo once again & have a closer, more intimate relationship with your partner?
  • Has it never felt the same down there since childbirth or hysterectomy?
  • Do you want to free yourself from old trauma in the pelvis so that you can experience the life you are desiring?  (Even if you are not struggling with any specific problem but in general sense that might be holding you back?)
  • Do you want to discover the amazing difference in YOUR life that being more present in your pelvis will bring to you?
  • Are you tired and wanting to heal without drugs & surgery?


If you say yes to any of these questions,
this retreat is for YOU.


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This is a comprehensive myofascial treatment retreat focused on

Pelvis Wellness.

This is for you to receive treatment relating to pelvic problems such as pelvic pain with known & unknown cause, incontinence, endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, digestive problems and so much more.  Refer to Diagnosis page under treatment tab for more information on specific diagnoses that this can help.


What if I do not have a medical diagnosis?

If you have no specific diagnosis & just have a general feeling that you could benefit deeply from clearing out restrictions & creating space for yourself in this area this is for you.  You may have an inner knowing that becoming more present physically in your pelvis would transform your life by gaining a greater sense of your self.  This may enhance your self confidence, open you to greater self love & inspire your creative process.


Individualized Appointments

While the retreat is the most powerful way to heal these types of problems, if you are not ready to commit to a full retreat at this time, one can also receive individual appointments to see if this would be right for you.

The retreat is designed for those traveling from a far that have had problems for a long time and not found the results they have been seeking – YET – and need the full immersion.

Individual sessions can still bring about a depth of value, and while most of us need a series of treatments, 1x can make a profound difference.  I would love to assist you in over coming these problems.  Often the answer is simple when we know what we are looking at & have developed the skills & experience to address the true problem.

Call/text for questions or to schedule # 928-821-3749 or email: lorizelt/


What results are possible? 
  • Experience significant reduction to full elimination of symptoms.  
  • KNOW that wellness is truly possible for you!
  • Do the things you want to do again & still feel good.
  • Free yourself from limiting beliefs that have manifested as symptoms in your body & hold you back from living your best life.
  • Make a new commitment to develop a positive, supportive healthy relationship with your body.
  • Heal your body image and feel truly at home with yourself.
  • Open yourself up to a new level of physical intimacy
  • Discover a source of strength & power within yourself that you didn’t even know you had and learn to call upon that strength at will.
  • Master the ability to center into the core of your own being, the most powerful & creative part of yourself & generate life, love, health & well-being from that center.
  • and so much more… 


 What really is Pelvis Wellness?

Do you know what it means to be present in your pelvis?

Most people say, “huh?  Does that have to do with sex?”


This is my point exactly!


Most of us don’t have any clue what it means to be present in our pelvis.  In fact we can’t hardly even wrap our head around the concept.  Usually what comes to mind is something involving sex but this is about presence in someone else’s pelvis.  For women, the pelvis is also about giving birth & children, but this is about giving life to another.  We think of our pelvis in terms of others; usually our partner (or that we want one) & children (or that we want or can’t have them or now that we do, we are too tired).


This retreat is about discovering your own pelvis for yourself! 


So what about being in your own pelvis?


This is what I refer to as Pelvis Wellness & it’s a topic that is so obscured from our consciousness that we can’t even understand the term yet.   Yet it is important & necessary to understand this term, now more than ever.  Even more than simply understanding Pelvis Wellness is to allow ourselves the time & space to actually experience what this is all about; to experience what it feels like to be present in your pelvis.  This is something that can not just be read about in a book.  This is something to be experienced!  This is necessary to live fully!  This is the next frontier in human development & consciousness.  If we were truly present in our pelvis, we would open more fully to self love & claim our creative power which leads to healing many types of pelvic problems.  



Discovering the Wisdom within your own body.

This CD contains the Expanded version of connecting & listening to your whole body as mentioned in the Pelvis Wellness chapter of the book Answering the Call by Lori Zeltwanger PT & Lisa Sasevich & numerous other contributing experts.

Body Awareness Guided Meditation

The Journey Within - Audio CD Cover


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This will transform your life in ways you are now desiring.  


Not sure what you are desiring because you have become so shut down to your own dreams?  


Afraid to allow the dream to resurface because of the pain that was once experienced earlier from failure or rejection?


Are you recognizing the importance of being present in your body and want to move from intellectual understanding of this concept and actually experience it?  


This treatment retreat will safely & non invasively work with your tissues at just the exact level they are ready to release your fears & nurture the possibility of opening again to find the freedom for which you have been longing.  The therapist team is highly skilled to listen to your tissues & guide them to the necessary place of release.  You will end up feeling at peace with in your own body.


The lack of presence in your pelvis can manifest as physical & emotional struggles of varying kinds & intensities.


Do you have a C-section, episiotomy or abdominal scar of some kind?


Did you ever think these could be causing you problems?  Maybe even at some other place in your body far from the scar itself?  Back pain?  Knee pain?  Abdominal issues?  Headaches?  Any of these problems as well as a myriad of others, many of which can not be explained or that don’t show up on standard testing, could be caused from these scars.  Scar tissue has a way of spider-webbing through your pelvis & reaching throughout your whole body creating restrictions that cause painful friction in your joints, impinge nerves, bind muscles, crush blood vessels, suppress vital organs & create twists & turns throughout your body contributing to poor postural alignment & pain.


Have you fallen on your tailbone or experienced whiplash in a car accident & seem to be suffering from symptoms that can not be explained?


Even if no surgical scar exists, you most likely have internal scars called myofascial restrictions & adhesions.  This is due to the body tissue adhering itself inside in an attempt to protect you from traumas & invasions.  The body has an incredibly intelligent way of defending itself against both real & perceived trauma.  It could be that the fall or getting banged around from a car accident may not have damaged you externally, but internally internal tears or bleeding may have occurred & your body may have hardened up in an attempt to protect you from trauma.  Myofascial release is an incredibly safe & effective way to release the hardening & restore the tissue back to its fluid & flexible matrix.


The myofascial system is the connective tissue in our body and it can suddenly or gradually tighten down on us in a way in which we are very unaware.  This creates all kinds of little problems that eventually add up to loss of mobility and distress in the body where we are unable to relax & enjoy our life.  When we experience trauma of any kind, our bodies go in to shock.  A part of us disconnects from our body.  It is doing this to protect ourself but if this process never has a chance to reverse itself, then it kidnaps our vital life force making it unavailable to us to respond to life in the way in which we were designed to do.  In other words, it uses a lot of our energy to keep us from feeling the trauma that we just went through.  This means it is no longer available to be used to help our body function.  It also means we become unaware of what is happening in our body as we are no longer in a feeling state but are operating in a partially disconnected state.  Pain & problems begin to develop & we can’t figure out what we did to cause them.  We begin to feel disconnected from ourself, others & life itself.


Emotional life stressors also cause our fascial tissue to bind itself together as it attempts to protect & stabilize us internally during these times.  These stressors are often poorly resolved or do not get resolved at all and this creates the same spider webbing effect in our tissue as the physical trauma created.


Often we begin to unconsciously tighten in our pelvic floor tissue in an attempt to find stability within a body that has been twisted & shaken from trauma.  This puts a twist & compressive pressures on the spine & hips which begins to affect our nervous system & our ability to move & rest properly.  Once we are unable to rest properly, the body really struggles to heal itself.  We find ourselves in an unconscious survival mode.
This can lead to all kinds of unexplained symptoms, many of which you may be suffering from, including chronic fatigue & depression.


The pelvic floor responds either by spasming, creating high tone that makes it difficult to relax (hypertonicity) & leaves one in an unconscious state of clenching; or it forms restrictions that bind down & limit proper mobility in the tissue & the body, creating stiffness (hypotonicity).  As a result of the freezing up or shutting down that is occurring in your pelvic floor tissue, it is possible for example to develop incontinence; the need to urinate frequently &/or experience leakage as well as many other symptoms & diagnoses.


The sacrum is the name of the bone at the base of our spine & is part of our pelvis.  It is triangular in shape & just below the lumbar spine at the back of the pelvis.  The tailbone extends down from the sacrum.  The word sacrum actually means “sacred”.  This is a sacred part of ourselves.  It seems we associate more shame than sacredness when it comes to being in our pelvis.  What if we truly felt this sacred space?  What if we truly were present within this sacred space?  What if we honored our own sacredness each & every moment?  Not by thinking about it or saying prayers, but simply by BEING IN THAT SPACE while we do whatever else it is that we do; work, play, eat, interact, etc.


The center of our being lies in & around our pelvis so being in our pelvis will contribute to living a more centered life; one in which we are less likely to be reactive & pulled off center bringing more peace, joy & love into our existence.  


Is this anything you are wanting more of in your life?


Pelvis Wellness Retreat includes:

  • Both pelvis & full body evaluation & assessment as your whole body will be treated
  • Postural awareness clinic to discover how your pelvis connects & relates to your whole body 
  • Fascial yoga to enhance flexibility & body awareness
  • Pelvic floor Pilates for strengthening to give your pelvis the support it needs for proper function & prevention of future problems
  • Movement awareness to create efficient movement patterns so you do not keep recreating your pain & problems
  • Quantum intention setting & systematized sharing designed to help you identify and shift your inner self-saboteur which has inhibited your progress
  • Hiking on the spectacular red rocks in Sedona’s powerful vortexes. 

How much hands-on treatment is included?

  • You will be receiving 2 group activity sessions every day.  In each of these sessions individual attention is also provided.  The group learning allows for exponential growth possibilities that are not reached on an individual level.  Seeing & hearing the process of others stimulates insight into our own path for healing.
  • 10 private treatment sessions to give you the utmost in specific care & guidance
  • 3 co-treat sessions (with 2 therapists treating you at the same time) which provides immense support to release stubborn holding patterns, many of which have been troubling you your whole life.  This can lead to exponential shifts.

 In summary, you will receive 15 + therapist contact hours for your wellness.

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And what if I am experiencing physical limitations? 

All sessions are designed to provide the utmost individualized attention within the group setting & we will work with each person’s capacity for activity.  The groups are provided to add a quantum component that is not possible with individual treatment.  Many of our core wounds originate from our group family dynamic & other traumas that have occurred in group settings & situations as part of our involvement in school, work & society.  The combination of the supportive, focused small group & the private 1 on 1 care provides a powerful healing environment.  

Napolean Hill observed & wrote that those who were the most successful were those who surrounded themselves with people who came together in a spirit of harmony to achieve a definite chief aim.  “No 2 minds ever come together without thereby creating a 3rd, invisible, intangible force which may be likened to a 3rd mind.”
It is written in the Bible that “where 2 or 3 are gathered together, there I will be also,” which I believe is what Napolean Hill was referring to when he stated that a 3rd mind could develop greater than either 2 individual minds could ever accomplish on their own.


We all need private, individualized work AND we can make even greater progress with the collective support of a focused group to change each of your own worlds.  This is support magnified!

Sonia Johnson
We must remember that 1 determined person can make a significant difference, and that a small group of determined people can change the course of history

Margaret Mead
Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world.  Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.


With this combination you will experience profound transformations on all levels in your body & therefore in your life.


What will the Pelvis Wellness Retreat do for you?


Pelvic pain & adhesions;
Incontinence & the embarrassment of bowel & bladder leakage;
Worry & anxiety of how close the bathroom is at all times;
Annoying & uncomfortable underwear pads;
Head aches, including migraines;
Digestive problems;
A feeling of loss of power.


Strength & support for your internal organs;
Intimacy & love with your partner;
Personal dignity;
Energy to do the things you want to do;
Self love & personal power.


Living a more centered life;
Peaceful state of being;
Pain free, comfortable life;
Ease of movement for a more active life;
Connection with yourself;
More energy to do the things you want to do;
The immense feeling of coming home.


Hip replacement
Prolapsed organs
Pelvic cancer


Where is this being held? Are lodging/meals provided?

This retreat is being held in Sedona, AZ in a beautiful, privately owned home with magnificent views. One day includes a moderate hike into Sedona’s stunning and powerful Red Rocks.  There you will have the opportunity to release & shift through your connection with nature, Sedona’s healing vortex energy & the life transforming technique of myofascial unwinding.  This is a release process that harnesses the power of the group’s collaborative focus to support you in making a quantum leap in your healing journey.

Due to everyone’s unique dietary requirements & preferences, meals will be on your own.

A list of local lodging options will be made available including a range of basic motels, resort hotels, bed & breakfasts, home & room rentals depending on your own personal style & preferences. 

Do you want to discover the amazing difference in YOUR life
that being more present in your pelvis will bring to you?


REGISTER NOW for Pelvis Wellness Retreat


Regularly $4997
( There may be discounts available for you.  Call to inquire)
You will receive individual sessions focused uniquely on you; utilizing:
  • masterful myofascial release
  • myofascial rebounding
  • myofascial unwinding
  • fascial energy activation
  • vibrational energy healing treatments for enhanced awareness & integration
  • treatments with 2 therapists both focused on you to enhance results.  It feels so supportive!!!
  • home exercise program showing you exactly what you need to do to continue your wellness upon returning home
  • journey into the healing vortices of Sedona to enhance your healing

 Powerful group sessions focusing on:

  • awareness
  • alignment
  • connecting
  • clearing
  • strengthening
  • supporting
  • self treatment & wellness program to take home with you



Discovering the Wisdom within your own body.

This CD contains the Expanded version of connecting & listening to your whole body as mentioned in the Pelvis Wellness chapter of the book Answering the Call by Lori Zeltwanger PT & Lisa Sasevich & numerous other contributing experts.

Body Awareness Guided Meditation

The Journey Within - Audio CD Cover


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