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Advanced Hands-On Pain Release

What are these programs?

The Advanced Release Therapy (ART) treatment retreat programs are a hands on therapeutic program designed to help eliminate pain and myofascial (connective tissue) restriction from your body, improve your ability to move and enhance your body awareness for prevention of further pain. These programs will help you return to a healthier state of being so that you can enjoy your life more fully!

Who would benefit from these programs?

  • If you have pain or are being challenged by your health, then these treatment retreat programs are for you!
  • If your body is demanding your attention in one way or another, then these treatment retreat programs are for you!
  • If you are tired of your pain and want transformation in your life, then these treatment retreat programs are for you!

Why is this program valuable for you?

  • Taking time away from your regular schedule and environment immensely enhances your healing potential in ways that you can’t imagine.                          It rocks your world!  (In Sedona red ‘rock’ fashion!)
  • Retreat setting eliminates distractions from home and work.
  • Sedona’s unique healing environment combined with ART’s special nurturing setting at the base of Thunder Mountain resets your central nervous system to it’s ideal alignment.
  • Provides guided time and space to focus on yourself.
  • Multiple treatment sessions in a shorter time frame help to break up the holding patterns that limit your progress and sabotage your well being.
  • Integrated treatment approach custom designed to fit your situation and to address your needs.
  • Highly skilled practitioners providing comprehensive evaluation and ongoing assessment making sure your needs are addressed and your goals are met.
  • One-on-one, personalized, advanced hands-on treatments helping you engage your potential.
  • A self treatment program custom designed for you to continue your healing upon returning home.


The treatment space is situated within Sedona’s powerful healing environment with fabulous views of the magnificent red rocks providing an incredibly private, safe & supportive space to facilitate easy transformation!


Diagnoses Treated

Take a look at a listing of the diagnoses that have benefited from Advanced Release Therapy

What does this therapeutic program consist of?

Advanced Release Therapy’s treatments integrate hands-on myofascial release treatment in combination with stabilization and movement therapies, relaxation training, mind/body awareness, movement unwinding, emotional release and creative/intuitive development sessions.

All sessions are custom designed to advance your specific goals and needs.
The opportunity to participate in a unique treatment outside in Sedona’s inspiring vortices exists.

How long are these programs?

Depending on your needs and goals:
You may schedule individual appointments at any time length or you may choose to participate in a Day of Healing, a Weekend of Wellness, Pain Release Retreat Weeks or Monthly MFR and More.

Who directs these therapeutic programs?

All programs are facilitated by Lori Zeltwanger PT. Lori has been a leader in Myofascial Release for over 20 years, internationally treating thousands of patients in chronic pain. She has coordinated and instructed with the John F. Barnes’ Approach to Myofascial Release Seminars, was Director of Therapy on the Rocks in Sedona, AZ and a consultant to the National Headquarters of John F. Barnes’ Myofascial Release Treatment Centers, developing their Intensive programs. She co-created and launched the Myofascial Healing Seminars and now is branching out, taking the myofascial release programs to a whole new level, through the development of Advanced Release Therapy Seminars. Lori is owner of Advanced Release Therapy in Sedona, AZ, specializing in pain release and women’s health. Through her gentle, nurturing approach, Lori has mastered the ability to assess and listen to your body’s needs during each treatment. She has highly developed talents and skills that facilitate the letting go of your physical, emotional and energetic restrictions and nurture the emergence of your potential.

The end result for you?

  • You will release pain, stress and tension.
  • You will feel lighter and able to move with greater comfort.
  • Your health will be restored and your vitality renewed.
  • You will learn how to tune in and listen to the wisdom within your own body to keep your body/mind healthy.
  • You will let go of your body’s limitations to allow your potential to unfold.
  • You will be able to deal with life more effectively.

Dr. Chris Wagner



Starr Porter


 “Lori is a genius. I have had a severely sore shoulder for about three years. I tried a variety of ways to make it better but nothing worked. The soreness and pain greatly affected my tennis and kept me awake at night. In the course of about five visits, Lori worked everything out, and now I am almost as good as new (come on, I’m 68!). I am now able to play tennis without pain. I would and am recommending Lori to anyone who needs physical therapy. She is an expert! And a quality person with a fun & inspirational approach to healing.” RM

This program freed me from pain and revitalized my life. I am breathing easier and sleeping through the night. My energy is back to do those things I love to do. It provided guidance for me through a rough time in my life. I have never done anything like it and I plan on gifting myself a treatment program every year. It is worth every dollar and more. KG

“I would like to thank you for assisting me in developing better body and mind awareness.  Your treatments were a journey of self discovery and I plan on benefiting from your treatment program annually.

 I had only 10 minutes between flights located at the extreme end of different terminals & since I did not want to sleep over in Chic, I ran as fast as I could with my backpack on & pulling my carry on.  I realized while huffing in the plane that I may have undone all your great work, but I did not.  I am still in balance even after challenging my body while back at home too.

I have used your CD once since returning home and hope to make it a twice a week habit.” LL

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