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Pain Release Retreats offer you the opportunity to make a substantial shift in releasing your pain and realigning your body. You will receive multiple treatments in a short period of time to help you overcome the limiting holding patterns that are blocking your progress. This leads to fast results in the release of your pain that often are unattainable with only 1-2X/week regular appointments.

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“Just resting on Lori’s patio waiting for my appointments gazing at the spectacular red rock views was a nurturing experience.  And being treated inside her healing studio I felt like I was in the hands of a Master, gently being guided back to my health and wellness.”  RP

+ Most people receive 2-4 hours of treatment/day for a 1-3 week time period, however all programs can be custom designed to fit your needs.

+ Powerful co-treat sessions to provide greater support to your releasing & healing process.

+ Getting away from your daily responsibilities and creating the time to focus on your own healing is so immensely important it will ‘rock’  your world (Red ‘rock’ Sedona style).

ROR: 1 day you have the option of participating in the Release on the Rocks experience.  (ROR)  We lead you on a transformational hike out in to the spectacular & awe inspiring beauty of the energy activating vortexes of Sedona with exercises designed for you and unwinding to clear out what you are wanting to clear out and bring in that which you are wanting to bring in to your life.  It is quite a powerful experience!!  We encourage you to hear your own self roar, hence the acronym ROR for Release on the Rocks.


Many people also participate in a Weekend of Wellness retreat where you receive 10 hours of treatment over ANY 2 & 1/2 day time period and receive a 20% discount.  

(This also applies to any 10 or more hour block of time.)

Big Bang Intensive for the Best Effectiveness yet!

Minimum of 20 hrs/wk = 20% savings!!!

(With Lori & her specialized team of practitioners specially picked for your unique situation)

        Take care of yourself today!

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“I had the privilege of  being treated by Lori this past March.  She had come highly recommended by a friend and colleague plus I had heard many  great things about her over the years.

This past year had been a difficult one for me as I was suddenly diagnosed with Thyroid disease and  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  In addition, I suffered from TMJ, neck pain and muscular pain throughout.  As a result, I decided to  fly into Arizona to finally meet & be treated by Lori.   She is an extremely gifted and talented therapist & obviously really cares.  With her magical touch and strong intuition, my pain and symptoms were diminished.  During my treatment with Lori, she was extremely compassionate and present throughout the entire session.  She never tuned out and gave me her undivided attention.  I left each session feeling satisfied, relaxed & with less pain, which also brought me to a place of greater empowerment within myself.  Not only that, but after my treatments were completed, my spine and pelvis were more balanced and aligned than ever before.

I had been to dozens of therapists/healers and I never saw such a dramatic result.   Also the co-treat sessions were an added bonus of powerful effectiveness.

In the words of my friend, “Lori is one of the best of the Best”.

This is worth Flying in for!!!” And in my words, this is something no one can afford to miss.  You can’t afford to NOT do it!  My life depended on it.” -TJ


Discover the ART of getting rid of your pain

& feeling better

faster than you thought could be possible

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Joy Drummond of Washington state

(& soon to be Jamaica)



“I believed my pain would be with me all of my life and I am now free of pain, moving in ways I couldn’t even imagine. I want everyone to know that you too, can be free of pain.”  ~ Joy Drummond



Amy from New York


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Robert & Stefanie Jamison