Tell Me About Treatments

Treatments are a safe hands-on, whole body approach addressing fascial restrictions and the flow or blockage of your vital life force energy. Your body is treated at the cause of your symptoms. The practitioner uses a Myofascial Release technique to unravel tension and tissue restrictions in your body and restore space in your physical tissue to allow your spirit to realign with your body.

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Tell Me About Available Programs

Lori Giving a Treatment

The Programs are all masterfully designed to provide you with optimal results that fit your individual problems & goals & assist you in reconnecting with your painfree, active life style.  These highly skilled hands-on therapeutic treatment sessions help return you to a healthier state of being so that you can get rid of your pain, move freely & do the things you are longing to do once again.  At Advanced Release Therapy we help you get your life back & enjoy it more fully!

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Where Can I Get MFR Treatments?

Lori is located in Sedona, Arizona. You may visit her & her team at her beautiful, warm & nurturing treatment casita or she may be visiting a location near you while teaching a seminar. Check out the Retreats Page to see the current Flyers located on the right-side of the web page or give Lori a call to check her schedule.


Do the MFR Treatments Benefit Specific Diagnoses?

MFR Treatments have benefited many different diagnosed issues as well as many unexplained problems. Some diagnoses are very specific to Women’s Health Issues & can make a huge difference to unresolved & complicated situations. If you don’t see a diagnosis on the list from the link below, just give Lori a call and she will consult with you on how you can benefit with a MFR Treatment program & retreat.

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